Fini Bearman

Singer & Composer


'EP' The Bear & The Fish (September 2017)

'Burn The Boat' (Two Rivers Records, October 2016) BUY HERE

'Porgy and Bess' (F-ire Records, October 2014) BUY HERE                                                                                                                

'Feel Deeply EP- Live in Berlin' (Feenz Beenz Records, July 2014)                                                                            

'Step Up' (Feenz Beenz Records, September 2011) BUY HERE                                                                                                                                            


‘Catenaccio’ Tom Cawley Band (TBC 2019)

‘Your Hearts Afloat’ EP by Harlequiin (Rory Simmons) (Spring 2018)

'Soldiering On...' w/ Raph Clarkson's Dissolute Society'- (Babel Label April 2017) 

'Summer EP' Tommy Antonio (self-release, 2016)

'The Myth of The Golden Ratio' - (2016) United Vibrations

'China Lane' (Whirlwind Records July 2014) - Alice Zawadzki
Singing on the debut album of Alice Zawadzki ( singer/violinist/composer/dear friend of mine). 

'The Rise and Fall of Danny Chevron' (SUS Music, 2013) - Atar Shafighian

'Mirrors' (Edition Records, 2013) - Kenny Wheeler, w/ Norma Winstone, Nikki Iles, Steve Watts, James Maddren and the London Vocal Project.

'Taking Steps' (unreleased, 2009) - Fini Bearman Ensemble w/ Manuel Schmiedel, Andreas Waelti, Moritz Baumgärtner, Peter Meyer, Malte Schiller, Roman Ott, Viktor Wolf, Charlotte Greve, Florian Menzel, Andrej Ugoljew and Jan Schreiner.

'C'est Fini' (unreleased, 2007) - Fini Bearman Quartet w/ Barry Green, Tom Farmer and Andy Chapman.

'Mandorla' (F-ire records, 2007) - Carlos Lopez Real band.

'Credo' (CD Baby, 2007) - John Featherstone.