Fini Bearman

Singer & Composer


'EP' The Bear & The Fish (September 2017)

'Burn The Boat' (Two Rivers Records, October 2016)

'Porgy and Bess' (F-ire Records, October 2014)                                                                                                                 

'Feel Deeply EP- Live in Berlin' (Feenz Beenz Records, July 2014)                                                                            

'Step Up' (Feenz Beenz Records, September 2011)                                                                                                                                              


'Solidering On...' w/ Raph Clarkson's Dissolute Society'- (Babel Label April 2017) 

'Summer EP' Tommy Antonio (self-release, 2016)

'The Myth of The Golden Ratio' - (2016) United Vibrations

'China Lane' (Whirlwind Records July 2014) - Alice Zawadzki
Singing on the debut album of Alice Zawadzki ( singer/violinist/composer/dear friend of mine). 

'The Rise and Fall of Danny Chevron' (SUS Music, 2013) - Atar Shafighian

'Mirrors' (Edition Records, 2013) - Kenny Wheeler, w/ Norma Winstone, Nikki Iles, Steve Watts, James Maddren and the London Vocal Project.

'Taking Steps' (unreleased, 2009) - Fini Bearman Ensemble w/ Manuel Schmiedel, Andreas Waelti, Moritz Baumgärtner, Peter Meyer, Malte Schiller, Roman Ott, Viktor Wolf, Charlotte Greve, Florian Menzel, Andrej Ugoljew and Jan Schreiner.

'C'est Fini' (unreleased, 2007) - Fini Bearman Quartet w/ Barry Green, Tom Farmer and Andy Chapman.

'Mandorla' (F-ire records, 2007) - Carlos Lopez Real band.

'Credo' (CD Baby, 2007) - John Featherstone.