Fini Bearman

Singer & Composer

Live review of Tom Cawley’s Catenaccio, full review HERE

‘...Skilful and accurate... wistful soulfulness’ John Fordham, Jazzwise


Jazzwise, October 2016 issue 212, and named the 2nd top album of the year (Peter Quinn)

A Guide to UK Jazz in 2017- Bandcamp

'...The incredible improvised poetry of Fini Bearman' - full LIVE review HERE

'...With a warm, clear and expressive voice she brings a sense of realism and even practicality to her storytelling style.' - full review HERE
'...Catchy melodies, strong harmonic structures and poetic lyricism... She's a true jazz artist' - full review HERE
'A beautiful recording.  What's immediately apparent is Bearman's own commanding ability as a writer...she's on top compositional form.' full review HERE
'...Blurring the lines between jazz, folk and alternative pop, Fini Bearman's Burn the Boat presented one of the year's most memorable collections of self-penned songs, with the chorus of the sublime 'Gone' winning palm earworm of the year'.
(Name one of the albums of the year, 2016) full review HERE
'...Here is a writer who not only vividly communicates her own thoughts and others', but also wraps the sung words in shifting waves of colour and texture, combining crashing breakers of coruscating pools of heart-on-sleeve emotion' full review HERE
'...Yes, there’s some jazz but there is a whole lot of other good stuff too: strong songwriting, finely wrought lyrics, and wide-ranging sounds... Bearman’s band adds strong grooves behind their leader’s own words and also poetry from Fernando Pesoa, Langston Hughes and e.e. cummings – and the title track is a belter! A classy release which shows how some of the most enriching music is made in the cracks between genres and where cultures meet.' full review HERE
'Having previously served up a lush reimagining of Porgy and Bess, resourceful vocalist Fini Bearman turns her attention to her own considerable skills as a singer-songwriter. The music is melodically adventurous, while the arrangements bravely incorporate effects and electronics alongside the controlled expression of acoustic jazz players. Operating in a similar hinterland to Becca Stevens, this is richly imagined song craft.'

The Prickle- full review HERE
'...There is a philosophical calm to even the most rage-filled moments...' full review HERE

‘In die Reihe dieser außergewöhnlichen und auch mutigen Musiker gehört ohne Zweifel auch Fini Bearman… Mit betörender Stimme nimmt sie uns mit auf eine gefühlvolle Reise und mischt ihre Texte mit Wörtern von Dichtern wie Langston Hughes, Fernando Pessoa oder E.E. Cummings//Enchanting. Without a doubt, brave and courageous... With a captivating voice she takes us on a heartfelt and lyrical journey.''

DEUTSCH- full review HERE
'Eine mischung aus Jazz, Folk und zeitgenössischer Musik. Die Kunsterlin hat ein innovatives Album produziert, welches in keine Schublade gesteckt werden kann. Mit gegenwärtigen Grooves und einzigartig persönlicher, alternativer Pop-Sounds. Mit ihre schimmenden, gefühlvollen Stimme belebt sie die musikalische Musikwelt und nimmt den hörer mit eine intensive, emotionale Reise. Erzählt vom Mut, etwas Neues zu wagen und dem Unbekannten Vertrauen zu schenken, von Momentanen reiner Freude bis hin bis zum profunden Nachdenken über fundamentale Fragen.'

SWEDISH - full review HERE
'Fin och väl sammanhållen platta av Londonbaserade kompositören och sångerskan Fini Bearman, vars röst jag tycker mycket om och som verkligen står i centrum här. Singer-songwriter är väl det fack man bör använda, men ganska jazzigt intrikat vad gäller ackordföljder, rytmik och attityd.
Bandet är en kvartett med solistiskt begåvade gitarristen Nick Costley-White, basisten Conor Chaplin, som lägger smarta baslinjer, pianisten (plus rhodes och syntar) Matt Robinson och trumslagaren Dave Hamblett; en elegant farkost för Fini Bearmans konstfärdiga och poetiska musik. Hon hämtar inte helt oväntat stöd hos poeter som Fernando Pessoa och E E Cummings.
Bearman sjunger mycket uttrycksfullt, hennes lågfrekventa vibrato, närmast böljande, är ett starkt och effektfullt verktyg. Hon kan också växla fint mellan det lyriskt mjuka och ett grövre och mer vardagsnära tilltal.
Min favoriter är den inte särskilt ljusa You bring the sunlight/I’d rather have the rain, och Gone, där Bearman körar vackert med sig själv i en väv av vardagspoetiska overdubs. Helst borde man förstås höra henne live, kanske på Seven Jazz i Leeds, staden där hon också undervisar.'


Porgy & Bess (F-IRE Records 2014)

Jazzwise, March 2015


"Fini Bearman possesses a tone that is rich and fluid. Her take on Gershwin's 'Porgy & Bess' shows that she has the imagination and courage to take a different path." 
Christine Tobin

“Compelling arrangements breath new life into classic material.. Bearman and her superb quintet cast fresh light on material that has long since been imprinted on our consciousness.. Bearman has never sounded lovelier.” 
Peter Quinn, theartsdesk (4 stars), read the full review here

“… Drawing it all together…With a heartfelt naturalness and directness, is Bearman’s lovely voice, pure, delicate, and passionate.”
Alison, Bentley, LondonJazz, read the full review here

“Bearman’s voice is at its most sophisticated. Heartbreak is rarely this beautiful… Porgy And Bess is still a magnificent achievement.”  
Bruce Lindsay, (4.5 stars), read the full review here

“…The richness and feeling in Fini Bearman’s delivery carries (the song) so well… All arrangements are transformatively compelling.” 
Adrian Pallant, read the full review here

"..Their contemporary approach impressively evokes the themes of oppression and loss, love and hope, a demonstration of how this work has inspired generations of musicians...", read the full review here

“Through it all Fini Bearman’s supple vocals by turns growl, float and skip delivered with just the right weight… an individual and emotionally charged re-working of classic material."
Mike Collins, read the full review here

'The multi-talented Fini Bearman'
Ian Mann (thejazzmann)

Step Up (FB Records, 2011)

".. (Fini) has an irresistible voice... She is an expressive singer, and an intriguing composer and lyricist... A fine addition to the exciting new generation of jazz singers emerging from the UK."
Bruce Lindsay,

"...Possesses something of the rhythmic freedom of Gretchen Parlato... What impresses most is the overall sweep of the album, which pulls you into a sound world all of its own."
Peter Quinn, Jazzwise review

"...An exceptional debut for this young and exciting jazz vocalist who is surely set to be a firm fixture on the UK jazz scene."
Sofia Wilde,

"Fini Bearman's talent and creativity are evident from the moment she begins to sing. With her beautiful voice, contemporary style, and cutting-edge compositions, she raises the bar of excellence for young jazz singers."
Judy Niemack

"Fini has a rare sense of melody running through her eclectic compositions, full of catchy twists and turns. Her voice, effortlessly moving between a light precision and a warm soulfulness is unmistakably her own..." 
Liam Noble

Live Reviews

'Bearman’s gloriously theatrical performance on “I’m Sorry”, dedicated to that very British characteristic of the unnecessary apology for things that are patently not your fault was a definite set highlight, funny and painfully insightful by turns with Bearman sometimes deploying the kind of extended vocal techniques pioneered by Julie Tippetts and others.'
Ian Mann (thejazzmann)

'...There is a philosophical calm to even the most rage-filled moments...'
The Prickle- full review HERE

"...The ineffable Fini Bearman... Quietly and insouciantly making a name for herself..."
The Guardian

"This repertoire is rooted in the singer-songwriter world, with elements of improvisation seeping through intricate harmonic song structures. Bearman showed off her vocal colour in the incredibly mixed musical language, from strong driving soulful tones used on 'Gone' to beautiful folk vocal melismatic style on 'I'd Rather Have the Rain'. Her intonation was astounding and I think it was greatly illustrated on the rhythmically syncopated and contrapuntal texture on Portuguese inspired 'I Know, I Alone'.... I especially love the way she uses her beautiful heart-warming vibrato to both drive emotion and vocal power in her music and then contrasts this with breathy head voice sections to show raw vulnerability. She's a true jazz artist- able to choose from a vast palette of vocal colours to suit the mood and emotional intent of her music."

"Bearman’s gloriously theatrical performance on “I’m Sorry”, dedicated to that very British characteristic of the unnecessary apology for things that are patently not your fault was a definite set highlight, funny and painfully insightful by turns with Bearman sometimes deploying the kind of extended vocal techniques pioneered by Julie Tippetts and others."

"Delightfully eclectic"
The 606 Jazz Club, London

"Music and prose of real depth, clarity, and beauty, layered with sublime grooves, asking those perennial life questions..."
Paul Pace, The Spice of Life/Ronnie Scotts

"…An emotional intensity, heightened by the beauty of her multifaceted, soulful voice. Infused with wisdom and honesty, her lyrics enthralled, and her polished offering was unique…" 

" A quirky and modernist, musicians singer."
Time Out

"An emergent young vocalist"
Chris May,

"...Sung with elegant assurance"
Chris Parker, The Vortex Jazz Club, London