Fini Bearman

Singer & Composer

The following records are available on the usual platforms (iTunes/Amazon/etc) as digital downloads, but if you fancy the *real* thing, place an order -> finibearman (at) me (dot) com

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Burn the Boat (October 2016, Two Rivers Records)

Digital £7
Physical (digi-pack and lyric booklet) £12

Fini Bearman- voice/composition
Matt Robinson- keyboard/synth
Nick Costley-White- guitars
Conor Chaplin- bass
Dave Hamblett- drums

'A stunning album... A thing of unsurpassed beauty. One of the most memorable collections of self-penned songs you'll here this year' Peter Quinn, Jazzwise, **** (Recommended)

'Catchy melodies, strong harmonic structures and poetic lyricism... She's a true jazz artist'





Porgy & Bess (October 2014, F-IRE Records)

Physical £10

Fini Bearman- voice
Matt Calvert- guitar
Ross Stanley- organ/wurlitzer
Jon Cox- bass
John Blease- drums

Fronted by singer and composer Fini Bearman this band crosses boundaries and breaks genres with their re-imagining of this much-loved collection of songs. Exploring the earthy, New Orleans atmosphere of Gone, Gone, Gone and My Man’s Gone Now, the music is evocative of the laboured, stifling heat of the Deep South, calling upon the sounds of Robert Plant and Alison Kraus’s album Rising Sands. Porgy, I’m Your Woman now and I Loves You Porgy suggest a stronger jazz sound-world with delicate guitar harmonics and exposed drum patterns. There are more up-front, bluesy numbers such as the Hendrix inspired It Ain’t Necessarily So, and the subtly placed There’s a Boat That’s Leavin’ Soon, complete with Hammond organ a la Donny Hathaway-Live, from Ross Stanley. The final song, the wordless evocation Prayer (Summertime), (whose introduction hints towards perhaps George Gershwin’s most famous song), captures an Arve Henriksen-esque etherealness. The resulting album casts ‘fresh light on material that has long since been imprinted on our consciousness… Bearman has never sounded lovelier.’ - The Arts Desk.


Step Up (October 2011, Feenz Beenz Records)

Physical £10

Fini Bearman- voice
Rick Simpson- piano
Tom Farmer- bass
Josh Morrison- drums

Debut album from Fini Bearman released in Autumn 2011. Original songs including poetry settings of Neruda and Sappho as well as original lyrics and open, wordless evocations.  

Feel Deeply EP : Live in Berlin (September 2014, Feenz Beenz Records)

Fini Bearman- voice/composition
Ben Barritt- guitar

This is a new, original Berlin-based project that I have been working on with the über talented guitarist (and singer/songwriter) Ben Barritt.